Entry #9

O hai!

2015-08-20 17:00:56 by Zielak

Flash is dead.

I started gamejammin with "HTML5" games instead.

BTW, calling those HTML5 is so wrong. It's Javascript drawing on Canvas element with the help of WebGL.

So check out my last game.

I'll be jammin more and maybe uploading more games and toys. Still can't focus on a bigger idea.


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2015-08-20 18:09:07

what is html 5 anyways? I keep hearing about it because its popular but does it does its job good? is it like an unreal engine,crytek,unity etc ?

Zielak responds:

None of those things.
It's not a game engine.
It's specification for HTML, version 5. A manual for web browser developers about how to create and use new HTML tags. WebGL is not a part of that manual.


2015-08-21 08:56:26

oh ok thanks for clearing that up for me.