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Posted by Zielak - August 20th, 2015

Flash is dead.

I started gamejammin with "HTML5" games instead.

BTW, calling those HTML5 is so wrong. It's Javascript drawing on Canvas element with the help of WebGL.

So check out my last game.

I'll be jammin more and maybe uploading more games and toys. Still can't focus on a bigger idea.

Posted by Zielak - May 24th, 2010

nothing new.

my wesite needs re-vamping again.

no new flash
no new drawings

I'm into programming/webdesign right now.

See you later Newgrounds!

Posted by Zielak - September 1st, 2009

Hi, I've been inactive in here/DA/SA and other social places whole holidays I guess. But I guess I had a few good reasons.

First of all, vacations! Yes, thats the time I get out of the computer and do something irl. Well, mostly... most of the time was spend outside my city, then in Ko?obrzeg at Sunrise festival (which was one week of hella brilliant party), back to south side to hills and so on.

Secondly, thats the time when I can actually use my free time in some creative way other than studying... I got myself a sketcher's toolkit with 8 ordinary pencils, 4 charcoal pencils and 2 charcoal cube things, as well as 2 erasers one ordinary and one called "bread eraser", dno't know how you call it in English. Drawing with charcoal is pretty weird. I get used to draw thin lines and you just can't do it with charcoal, it's not for lineart I guess. Gotta get some training articles, you can do pretty good pictures with it (or get a decent vacation time job) ... (maybe next year)
Too bad I don't have working scan- *cough* I can capture my recent sketches with camera (duh, forgot I have it) but I must focus on one other thing right now, read on!

Finally, time to take a seat in my green chair and stick my eyes onto the screen. I've received a mail from Google... I mean a real list in my mailbox (gosh, those words sound so Internet-ish those days). Anyway, I got a 200PLN (zlotys) bon for the AdWords service, meaning that I can get my website advertised online and get some business world's visitors and potential clients on my portfolio. The problem is - I don't have any portfolio. Yes, last one was taken down after I realized how bad it is. I was lurking on CSS galleries and, well... my last site wouldn't fit there. So I started making a new one.

After many tries, 5 to be exact, I've finally threw out old sketches, made up my mind and started designing new portfolio. Here's unfinished version of it, already filled with JavaScript (jQuery):

» Over here!

Looks empty now but I promise to put some words in it that make sense. And also the footer! Requesting critique, any.

Thats all I wanted to say.

tl;dr - click the link above.

that face:

Stuff + new portfolio (website)!

Posted by Zielak - August 18th, 2008

SpEEDy1359 , NogginAnimations and me are proudly presenting a series of themed collabs called Not Your Avarage Animation (NYAA). Each collab would be about something specific like 'Halloween', 'New Year's Eve' or 'My cat is sick' (just examples...) and we are seeking for a group of animators that will accept to animate with us for the rest NYAA chapters (which number of chapters is infinitive). So, if you're an animator, have some skills using tweens,pixel-tool,fbf or whatever (no sprites,sticks,sex - whoops!) then join by posting in here!

The first NYAA is just begin uploaded!

Posted by Zielak - July 23rd, 2008

So, 3 years ago some dick broke my nose, now it's broken/bent and I have problems with breathing (sometimes I have to breath with my mouth) and nosebleed (not usual, I used to sneeze blood) urgh.

Sorry for that detail.

Anyway I've just been told that the day of surgery is tomorrow and I was like "lmao". After surgery they are going to implement 2 tampons into my noseholes so that is going to be interesting. Also I'll have problems with eating. Usual stuff after surgery. Mom said she's going to bring me milkshakes, yum!

I'm going to be suffering in hospital for 4 days (i believe) and keep those tampons in my nose a bit longer. Shit.

Bye, wish me luck or death if you want.

Posted by Zielak - April 19th, 2008

all translated, most of stuff uploaded, commenting are on contact page, feel freeeeeeeee to use it and discover my beginnings C:

Zielak.pl < here it is


i need a web button lolz

btw, the website is multilanguagional so if you're polish, the polish version will come up and if you're foreign you'll see english version, though all files in galleries are same for both versions, just with rtanslated descriptions, hah.

Posted by Zielak - November 28th, 2007

PCFA (Project Creators Freestyle Artists) is a board for everyone that want to start own project of any kind, executable, flash games, music production, art collection, anything. I'm planning to start a community for everyone that have potential and original ideas of creating something.
Mainly PCFA is a simple forum with chat and sections for users projects, where they can start or join projects.

It is already up! But mind that it is not finished though.
You can register there and start doing something if you want. It still don't have any rules & guidelines topic, I'll post it tomorrow, so please don't ruin It D:

Some things:
I have installed a few useful MODs to make this board brighter.
D-Topsite - you can add your site to this and rate/comment others sites (link on a navigation bar)
Favorite Topics - you can add topics to your favourites which are going to be highlighted differently then other topics
Member Reputation - you know...
Unreal Portal - a wacky main page.

Much thanks if you join it :]

Posted by Zielak - October 27th, 2007


a brand new GANGSTA loop.


Posted by Zielak - July 19th, 2007

this post is all about this post.